A compilation of useful links that I’ve found across the internet.  Some engineering related, some not, it’s a mixed bag. If you have any suggestions to add to the list leave them in the comments.

  • An EM Fields & RF related textbook made available online from the ECE Department at Rutgers University. I’ve found it to be a pretty useful reference in the past though I can’t vouch for the Matlab toolbox they include as I have never used it before.
  • Need to rock out during a marathon hack, design, math, layout, whatever session?  You can’t go wrong with the new Girl Talk album All Day. Seriously, it’s catchy and addicting. Some language however so it’s mildly NSFW, keep your headphones in.
  • The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to DSP by Stephen W. Smith, Ph.D is a great overview to linear systems and digital signal processing techniques that even an analog guy like me can find useful.
  • Setting up a home lab and want a few tips? Jeff Duntemann has an incredible setup that I’m extremely jealous of. One day I’ll have a sweet setup like he does…
  • Hans Camenzind, creator of the famous 555 timer, has written a book entitled Designing Analog Chips which he has graciously made available for free.  Has a chapter on simulation, one on timers (includes the original 555 design and an improved version 33 years after the fact), and some odds and ends not typically found in typical design books.

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