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If You Help an FAE…

In response to MarkAtMicrochip’s post about going down the rabbit hole that is helping FAEs. My story comes from the other side of the spectrum, a factory apps guy helping a field apps engineer. It’s definitely one-sided, biased, and not at all constructive but without further ado…

If you help an FAE

He’ll want you to provide a slew of measurements

If you send him off a the data

He’ll want to test the specs himself

If he goes off and tests the specs

When he’s finished

He’ll ask you some questions

That of course need answers yesterday because else the part won’t sell

When he gets your answers

He’ll notice the part suddenly doesn’t seem so competitive anymore

So he’ll probably ask you to bend the spec.

When he’s finished asking you to change the spec (again), he’ll need more input from marketing

He’ll start emailing

He might get carried away and promise things like pulling in schedules and higher sales

He might even demand a silicon spin

When he’s done, he might even want to change the specs again!

You’ll have to CYA in the email thread with talk of ways this will actually blow out the schedule and any potential issues that could arise

He’ll dig in, and demand some measurements you’ve already given him (twice)

He’ll probably tell you a story of being designed out

So you’ll spend days in the lab sweating and swearing and redesigning the circuit so it’s on the bleeding edge

When he sees the circuit he’ll get so excited he’ll want to show it to the customer. He’ll ask if you can reduce the BOM costs again though while still improving margin.

He’ll travel to the customer and test alongside them

In a lab

Then they’ll have trouble reproducing your results

Which means they’ll need

A detailed How To

He’ll take the detailed How To and throw it in recycling

When the board doesn’t quite work just right

He’ll have to try to troubleshoot it

He’s failed at this in the past!


He does his “best” to make it work but it’s not his specialty

And chances are he can’t find time to finish the job

So he’s going to want you to help him.