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The Amp Hour Bingo

As a frequent listener to The Amp Hour may know, there are certain aspects that seem to repeat themselves. These things could be anything from the infamous “Will we ever make ICs in our basement?” argument to phrases Dave says like “Bugger Off.”  Therefore, I propose the creation of a Bingo game based upon the show.  Listeners can play along discreetly if they’re at work or at red lights if driving.  Otherwise just keep the sheet out on your desk and play along as you listen.

I’ve posted an example board below.  It’s nothing special, I just did it in Excel pretty quickly but perhaps if enough people got on board there could be a web app that generated game sheets or something.  The squares are filled with what I think are the most frequent elements of the show  (though a whole show without mentioning the 555 or Arduino may be a challenge) and are all meant to be in good fun.

If you’d like to play along just download one of the Excel files below containing a Bingo board.  I’ve tried to make them as different as possible so you could play multiple sheets at once but if there’s any issue with their layout let me know. If you have any suggestions for new squares I’ll start another sheet or if anyone makes their own board sound off in the comments and I’ll link to it for others to use.  Good luck!

Amp Hour Bingo 1

Amp Hour Bingo 2

Amp Hour Bingo 3

Update: With many thanks to Roel Adams we now have an online version of The Amp Hour Bingo! The site will generate a random board for you to play when you visit the page and is infinitely better than filling in Excel tiles. Keep listening to The Amp Hour and be sure to play along!