The Quips

So they’re all easier to find, here’s a collection of the Fake EE Quips I’ve posted so far on Twitter:

  • Inductors = jwL, lead to zeros and are hard to design with. Ergo place them on the bottom of the board & get 1/jwL. Now you have a pole
  • Power FETs are different from regular FETs as they make use of the Power Electron which are slightly larger than normal ones giving more current.
  • RF tight rooms are expensive. Build an RF pump to remove any excess RF energy from a room. Just be sure to place the exhaust hose outside.
  • New converter architecture idea: A DAC that becomes an ADC just by feeding a signal in the analog output. Get on this IC designers.
  • New BPF Topology – Parallel LC for feedback. The math works out but the inductor might have to go on the bottom of the board…
  • These should exist: Discrete poles and zeros you can solder down to make a transfer function. Standards sizes of course 0805, 0603, etc.
  • Technical Term: Osciallatey. An unwanted signal that increases in amplitude or frequency becomes more oscillatey than it was previously.
  • Little known fact: carefully cutting the supply pins off an op-amp turns it ideal.
  • Tunnel Diodes are often found underground burrowing in the earth.  Keep them happy in your circuit by placing a small mound of dirt on them.
  • Avoid High Level Injection effects in BJTs by running them at sea level as opposed to in Denver CO.
  • Jon Kyl actually things WD-40 will make his op-amps run faster. (Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement)
  • Tequila op amps provide high confidence gain but their slur rate is unacceptable.
  • Increasing the bit rate of a video won’t improve the quality of the picture it will only make the video play faster.
  • Overheard on the EE Floor: When an audio signal reaches the speakers does it exist in time or frequency.
  • Overheard on the EE Floor: This wire has to be thick, we’re running a lot of Matlab code through it.
  • Tired of using plan old LEDs in your design? Well good news, solar panels work in reverse too ya know. Apply voltage and sunlight comes out.
  • Slewing big caps but don’t want to wait for them to settle? Keep a bucket of electrons handy to pour on them for instant current boosts.
  • Theory: The cold shiver everyone gets down their spine from time to time is from the rare moment when a neutrino interacts with matter. Stormy nights are coincidence.
  • Low Power Circuit Idea: A system that runs off of ESD, would ship with a pair of footie pajamas and a section of wool carpet.

More will be posted as they pop into my head.


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