I’m a student who is currently on the cusp of obtaining his BS/MS in Electrical Engineering.  My primary focus is in analog electronic design though I’m not opposed to dabbling in whatever else can hold my interest.  While most of my posts will be related to circuit design and my experiences at school, from time to time I will probably post random things that catch my fancy.  Other possible topics could possibly include physics, craft beer, music, internet comics, and other things yet to be determined.

I got the inspiration to start blogging after creating a Twitter account @FakeEEQuips devoted to ridiculous EE related “rules of thumb” my friends and I have come up with over the years. I soon realized two things: a) coming up with new material is hard, and b) I always wanted to say more than 140 characters would allow.  This is my first blog and I’m learning while doing so feel free to comment with any changes or suggestions you may have and I’ll keep them in mind. You can also shoot me an email at FakeEEQuips @ gmail [dot] com.

If you’d like to know more about me check out my Featured Engineer Interview over at EE Web here.



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